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Is this furniture genuine?
Intirium only sells genuine, original merchandise manufactured by the brands themselves.  We do not sell copies. Our customers receive their orders in the manufacturer’s original cartons exactly as the goods left the factory.

How can I be sure these aren’t seconds from a factory outlet?
We have been in business for 19 years during which time we have been working with Master Card, Visa and American Express; you may be sure that if we did not deliver as promised, these Credit Card companies would have ceased working with us long ago!


How does payment work?
We require 30% deposit with order and the balance just prior to shipping. You can choose to pay on-line by credit card or by wire transfer.

How long does it take to receive an order?
Production lead times vary depending on the brand and where we need to ship to but usually, you need to allow around 16 weeks.


How much is shipping?
Shipping costs vary depending on destination and the volume & weight of the consignment. We will be pleased to quote.

Can you supply new covers for a sofa I bought 20 years ago?
Yes, we supply a lot of sofa covers and so long as the covers you need are still available, we will be very happy to quote.


Will I get a Warranty with my furniture?
Yes, you will receive the manufacturer’s Warranty with your goods and in addition, an Intirium 2-year Warranty. See Terms & Conditions.

How do I place an order?
Once we know what you want to order, we will send you an on-line quotation link which may be completed as an order form.

Will I have to pay duty?
Tax and duty rates vary in different countries. You are responsible for these costs which will be advised by the local agent at the time of customs clearing, unless they were agreed with us in your total order payment to Intirium.

Can I pay in another currency?
In principle you can pay in any currency, but we quote in Euros because we pay our suppliers in Euros and with the aim of keeping charges as low as possible, in this way we avoid currency fluctuation. Let us know if you may prefer to pay in another currency.


What guarantee do I have you will deliver?
We have been in business for 16 years and if we did not deliver, you may be sure Master Card, Visa and American Express would have stopped working with us a long time ago.  You are welcome to get in touch with some of our customers and talk to them direct – we’ll be happy to provide contact details upon request.


How do I know I’ll get what I expect?
After you complete an order form and pay 30% deposit, we will place your order with our suppliers and once confirmed, we will send you our Order Confirmation which becomes the contract between us – so unless you notify us quickly that you want changes to be made, your order will be produced exactly as detailed in our Order Confirmation.


What happens if my furniture arrives damaged?
It’s most unlikely your furniture will arrive damaged because we take great care to pack goods appropriately – marble & glass are always crated but occasionally, accidents happen and since everything we ship is fully insured, we will replace the entire piece or relevant section as quickly as possible. In rare cases, if a small, simple local repair makes sense, that too may be considered.

What happens if I receive something which I was not expecting?
If there were a bad mistake and we shipped an item not specified in our Order Confirmation, the error would be ours to correct as fast as possible. However, we are extremely careful to check order details extremely carefully so as to avoid mistakes.