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Susan H.

Winnipeg, June 2021

I received the chair on Friday. It is so beautiful! Thank you very much! I will have more to buy in the fall for my other home. Now that I trust this process to buy direct from you I will send you my orders. 


Wendy S.

New York, May 2021

It’s been one hell of a year, I am so glad to be back in the City and working again. The wardrobes were assembled last week and look amazing, even better than anticipated… 


Tom N.

Hong Kong, March 2021

Very satisfied, good prices. We recommend Intirium. 


Anton S.

Miami FL, July 2020

Hello Intirium. Thank you very much. It has been a pleasure for us having this purchase experience with you. The first order was great. We look forward to see everything when it arrives, we’ll send you pictures. 


Martin H.

Austin TX, Feb 2020

Never before had we spent such a big amount on the internet at one time. We were nervous until we finally received our furniture this morning. The truck arrived at 8.30 and the delivery guys started bringing in the 16 boxes. They were polite but suddenly our new house looked like a warehouse. They unpacked our sofa, tables and chairs, they cleared up most of the mess and left... then we began to examine every piece and we’re still incredibly excited. We LOVE it all. The sofa looks amazing… 

Alan F.

Singapore, Nov 2019

Happy to report furniture arrived yesterday & logistics were well organized. Once we get settled, we’ll need to think about outdoor…

Danielle B.

Sydney, June 2019

Great result, furniture was delivered last week and we love our sofa. Service here was great, happy to recommend you to new customers. 

Eric W.

New York, Jan 2019

Finally, we moved in to our new apartment, furniture was delivered last week. After we delayed shipping, pleased we did not have to pay storage in NY. You should put that on your website. Still trying to decide on some other stuff but anyway we'll need to wait til after the summer.

Anne J.

Michigan, Nov 2018

We are doing install today and it’s all worked out really well. Relieved the fabric we chose for the bedroom armchair looks great with my carpet.

Younghye S.

Korea, July 2018

My order was delivered, the furniture was well packed in strong crates and it all looks amazing...  I am happy. Appreciate how you manage this business from so far away.

Frank D.

San Fran, May 2018

I am beyond excited, my furniture arrived today, it looks amazingly beautiful and the big sofa pillows are genius. So comfortable, was worth the wait. Thanks for your help and patience. I will be back.

Anna R.

Berlin, Sep 2017

This is to let you know that our sofa has arrived and found its new place in our house. We will send you a photograph soon. Thanks a lot for the great service and speak soon.

Margarita A.

Singapore, Jul 2017

We are happy we decided to order from Intirium and your service was way beyond what we hoped for. The container was well packed and nothing was broken. We are pleased our friends told us about you, it was a pleasant experience. Thank you for helping us with our order.

Ginny H.

Boston, June 2017

The delivery guys were here for 7 hours unloading the truck and they unpacked everything and everything looks great. My bedroom is dreamy. Having worked with you on this project for over a year, I am very happy! The sofas are amazing, the different fabrics we chose are gorgeous, my GC got the closets fitted and they finally finished yesterday; they are totally stunning, I think I'll need more shelves… I will be back in touch after the holidays.

Mark M.

Denver, Feb 2017

Sofa and carpet look great. Big success. Thank you.

Lisa N.

Sweden, Dec 2016

Our sofa and chairs arrived, it looks nice and the delivery people carried the boxes upstairs to our apartment. Thank you for the good service. We are happy to recommend Intirium.

Jane D.

Los Angeles, Oct 2016

My bed is beautiful, the fabric color is perfect & the stitching is exactly what I wanted. Thank you so so much for checking the details. It arrived 2 weeks ago and my new apartment was ready last week. Happy Customer.

Michael L.

Hong Kong, Mar 2016

Furniture arrived yesterday. It looks amazing, so pleased we decided to order the table. Delivery service was first class, the guys did a great job. Thank you for your help and answering all my questions.